Membership That Makes Sense

Our affordable office space ensure that any kind of professional, whether just beginning or fully-established, receive what they need to keep their business afloat and find a place where they thrive within our community. Explore our membership options to find the one that fits you best.

Not seeking membership at the moment? Consider getting a day pass, conference room, mailbox, or space for an event!

Daily Pass 

Just need a place to get away for the day? Need a place to impress your clients? That's exactly what a day pass can do for you. Plus you get to hang with some pretty cool folks. 

7AM - 10PM | 7 Days a Week (you pick the day)

Nights & Weekends  

Our Nights & Weekends members make sure that the party doesn't stop at 5 o'clock. A Nights & Weekends membership at IOC gives weeknight and weekend access to the shared workspace and all of its awesome amenities.

5PM - 10PM | Weekdays
7AM - 10PM | Weekends

Shared Desk 

Our Shared Desk membership is basically an all-access pass to coworking. It's designed to connect members, cultivate community, and enhance productivity through full hours of access, flexible seating arrangements, and invigorating aesthetics. Enjoy the energy that comes from working alongside other driven professionals.

7AM - 10PM | 7 days a week

Dedicated Desk               

Our dedicated desks give you all of the benefits of the shared space, with an added level of permanency and personalization. Enjoy the luxury of leaving your belongings at work and always having a personalized workspace to return to day after day.

7AM - 10PM | 7 days a week


$60 first hour and $25 each additional hour

Need a room for up to 10 people? Rent it by the hour or by the day.  Comes with wifi, chrome cast, apple tv, white board. As add on: coffee, snacks, soda and water.
IOC works off a first come first serve bases.

8AM - 8PM | 7 days a week


Call for price!

Elegant space for 20-200 people.  The day is divided into 3 time blocks.  A block is 6a - 10a, B block is 10:30a - 3p and C block from 4p - 11p. 

We have a configuration that can meet your needs.  Comes with wifi, chrome cast, apple tv and rolling tv.
IOC works off a first come first serve bases.

6AM - 11PM | 7 days a week